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Yama is an all-pervading component of nature's infinite intelligence that governs and harmonizes every aspect of the ever-expanding creation. All the stars, galaxies, and even the smallest viruses contain the aspect of Yama. Its role is to orchestrate the smooth functioning of life, evolution, and existence.

Yama achieves this role through two distinct and opposing forces: Dharma and adharma (miasm). On an individual level, dharma is one's life goal. For example, one's dharma may be to become a carpenter or a writer. On a broader scale, dharma is the principle which upholds balance, particularly in the area of one’s health. In this sense, we can say one's expanded dharma is to achieve balance and health because in this state, life flows freely without any obstacles. When dharma is in its most balanced state, it can bring a high level of success and development in any area of life whether one's personal goal is business, wealth, family, or even Enlightenment.

On the other hand, if dharma becomes imbalanced, it's opposite aspect, miasm, takes the upper hand and becomes lively. The Yama miasm is the embodiment of imbalance. In fact, we consider it to be the king of all the miasms.  This is because the six miasms of polio, cancer, psora, syphilis, sycotic, and TB are subordinate to it. It not only has the ability to mimic the conditions of any of the other miasms, but it also plays the role of weakening the physiology during times of disease and old age. This is why Vedic texts personify the Yama miasm as the Lord of Death.

If dharma is everything expansive and supportive of life, then certainly the Yama miasm would be contracting and life-damaging. Even though the symptoms of this miasm can be very distinctive, it is elusive in nature and normally does not express itself fully unless there is serious disease, unless the individual is quite elderly, or the individual is in the process of dying. During these conditions the subjective experience may be depression, anxiety, hopelessness, nightmarish dreams, and a foreboding sense that the end is near.

It has the ability to weaken the physiology by diminishing the vital force and hiding the presence of disease from the immune system. This “cloaking” ability is why many chronic diseases are allowed to fester for years without the body mounting a significant defense.

When the Yama miasm is purified, aging and disease impurities are exposed to the immune system for purification and healing.

The good news is that the miasm does not present an insurmountable problem for the BodyVed® procedures. This is because the siddhis nourish and enliven dharma, the life supporting aspect of Yama. Once dharma becomes strengthened, the life damaging trends are abandoned and the momentum is shifted from disease and aging to health and longevity. Other symptoms of the Yama miasm are general symptoms of aging:

less vitality  •  less overall strength

dry and wrinkled skin

brittle bones  •  gray hair  •  easily tired

increase in chronic conditions  •  less bodily warmth

decrease of memory  •  mind not as clear

lack of stamina

weight changes  •  loss of vision or hearing

Find out where the Yama miasm is located in the body

and how to remove it.

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