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How long does it take to see benefits from the program?

Generally, one will begin to feel better immediately. Within the first week, clients often feel more energy, clarity, and inner strength. As one continues with the program, the benefits accumulate and become more obvious. Also, symptoms will become weaker as the health improves.

Do I have to take anything or go on a special diet?

No. In fact, we emphasize one may actually save money because the need for expensive supplements and therapies will disappear as the body becomes stronger and more efficient.

How is BodyVed® different from other alternative health programs?

BodyVed® purifies the root cause of chronic disease which is located in the consciousness body. Other alternative health programs are not designed to address disorders this deeply ... they work with either the physical body or the energy body. If chronic disease is purified at its core, the results are much more profound and lasting.

I am under the care of my doctor. Should I continue seeing him?

Yes. If you are currently under the care of a physician, you should continue working with him/her. Our program will support whatever regimen they prescribe. Medications will not interfere with the BodyVed® process. In fact, many people report that their medication works more effectively with our program.

Does the program combat the effects of emotional and physical stress?

Yes, very effectively. Once we begin the procedures for you, it’s like filling your gas tank again. You feel a renewed sense of well-being and vitality. Many clients say they feel better with BodyVed® than they did when they were younger!

Can BodyVed® benefit pets?

Surprisingly, pets do very well with our program. They have chronic problems just as we do and their body responds quickly to the procedures. We have seen very old cats and dogs become healthier and having glossier coats by participating in the program.

Can one be too young or too old to benefit from the program?

We have worked with babies just a few months old as well as with very elderly people. You are never too young or too old to enjoy the benefits of the program. Though very powerful in nature, it is also natural and strengthening for any age.

Does BodyVed® work for serious health challenges?

The more serious the health condition, the more the individual needs the BodyVed® program. Diseases such as cancer or Parkinson’s usurp the body’s vital force. The procedures reinvigorate the body with an abundance of vital force which strengthens all aspects of the physiology.

Once I complete the program, are the benefits permanent?

The overall growth, development, and improved health one gains from the program will indeed last for many years.

What can I do to help the process?

This is a very popular question because everyone wants to participate and contribute to their own health. We recommend just the basics of getting plenty of rest and eating well … a more common sense approach. Once the procedures begin, the body’s intelligence wakes up. Once it wakes up, it knows exactly what to do, how to do it, and at what stage to do it. The body’s intelligence is automatic and precise. It only has to be nourished and enlivened by the BodyVed® procedures.

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