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Psora means "itch" so many skin problems are related to this miasm. It can produce dry, scaly, cracking, itchy skin, or on the other hand, excessively moist or oily skin. It commonly produces excessive sweating especially when you are working outside or doing physical chores. In fact, "hot flashes" are associated with this miasm.

Psora can make you feel tired and breathless. For example, when raking the yard or walking up stairs, you may feel like you have to rest and catch your breath. During these times of exertion you may notice excessive sweating. Your body may feel heavy and lethargic.

Psora is the miasm responsible for most heart disorders, high blood pressure, and in some cases, asthma. People with strong psora miasms may notice some tightness and discomfort in the chest with heart palpitations. Diabetes and other blood sugar imbalances are associated with the psora miasm so you may have a craving for sweets.

Emotionally, you can feel tired, low spirited, irritable, sad, or anxious. Sometimes you may feel "bottled up inside" as though you can't fully express yourself. It's as though you live in a self-imposed prison from which you cannot escape and this creates anger. You can also enjoy thinking about the past in a nostalgic way such as old relationships or early childhood.

And lastly, you may worry about money. Your business may be successful and booming with plenty of money in the bank, however, the psora miasm makes one worry and even dream about losing it. The cancer miasm may create the financial hardship, however, psora may simply create the worry. Other symptoms of the psora miasm include: 


nausea  •  eczema  •  headaches  •  allergies & hay fever

sensitive to cold & drafts  •  colitis  •  bronchitis

roaring in ears  •  difficult to lose weight

rosacea  •  muscle spasms  •  guilt  •  anxiety

fear of criticism  •  yeast infection

stubborn  •  independent  •  afraid to take chances

inhibited  •  ringing in ears  •  acid reflux


Find out where the Psora miasm is located in the body

and how to remove it.


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