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"My fiancé, who is 78, experienced a severe stroke. Unfortunately, he was alone during the episode and wasn't found until 12 hours later. He was paralyzed on one side of his body. When the doctor reviewed his brain scan, he said the massive cerebral hemorrhage looked equal to a gun being shot through the center of his brain. He did not expect him to live and told the family to be prepared for the worst.

By participating in the BodyVed® program, he began a dramatic road to recovery. He just got better and better. Follow up brain scans later found no evidence of brain trauma. In fact, his physical therapist said he had never seen a stroke patient with not even one dead muscle group in his body anywhere! He is continually doing better to the amazement of everyone. His doctor even said it would be alright for him to drive now! Thank you BodyVed®!”

     -  Theresa Wright

"I'm 55 years old and own a fence company in Florida. When I started BodyVed, I had aches and pains that 90 year olds didn't have. My shoulders were in constant pain from the impact of digging post holes for so many years. My right shoulder hurt so bad at night I couldn't sleep.

After I began BodyVed, I noticed the pain in my shoulders began to improve as well as my range of motion. Now, I have no pain at all and both shoulders feel like new.

Another benefit of the program has been a big boost in my energy. Before, it was very difficult in the mornings to get out of bed. Since I was not sleeping, I was usually tired and exhausted the next morning. Now, I am sleeping all night and waking up feeling like I did when I was 20 years old."

     -   Danny Ballard

“When I started BodyVed, I was keeping five medical doctors busy. In addition to several conditions, I had acid reflux so severely that I had been on Prilosec for three years. After six months of BodyVed I was able to discontinue the Prilosec.

However, losing the need for all my medications pales in comparison to the improvement in my mental and emotional life. I have gone from an unknown recluse to becoming an elected City Commissioner. My story has been published in the Gainesville Sun newspaper, The Alachua Today newspaper, and I’ve been interviewed twice for the Gainesville and the Florida Channel TV 20. By the way, I am 82 years old.”

-   Blanch Parker


"My son was in a car accident which caused severe brain damage. The doctor said that if he lived, he would be disabled for the rest of his life. He lost his short-term memory and lived everyday with migraines. I could not bear the heartache when I saw the pain on his face.

Over a year later, he realized that the doctors could do nothing more for him so he decided to give BodyVed a try. Three to four months later, the swelling and migraines were gone. He was able to discontinue the seizure medications and his short-term memory returned. He has fully recovered!"

-  Nancy Jones

"I cannot say enough about the BodyVed® program as it gave me my life back. I was suffering from anxiety, depression, anger, and panic attacks for many years until I began the program. Now, I feel stronger, more confident and more optimistic.

In my opinion, this is the greatest breakthrough in health in modern times, on par with Einstein's contributions to physics. It is effective, affordable, requires no time at all, has no side effects, and for the most part, does not conflict with other treatments. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone."

-   William Dabby


"Interestingly, as much spiritual progress as I have made in this life and as many hours that I've meditated, nothing has lessened that knot of bondage ... except BodyVed®."

-   Ben Collins


"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the work you have done for my daughter, Katie, and I. Katie is finally becoming the person she truly was meant to be.

I am also growing and beginning to shed the weight that had hindered me in so many areas of my life.

You are doing life changing work. I am so glad I stuck with your program and even though I don’t understand it completely. I am finally seeing the results I was hoping for. This has been an excellent investment in my daughter and myself.

I have total faith in your work and ability to facilitate healing."

-   Cathy Chambliss


“You may think BodyVed® is just for adults, but it is great for children, too! When I started my daughter with the program, she was getting cold sores inside her mouth almost every week. After trying every natural remedy in the books, I was fortunate enough to find BodyVed®. After the first few treatments, her cold sores began to improve ... now she doesn't get them at all. Please note that this is an "incurable" virus. Now, she never gets the flu or even colds.

I also want to say that BodyVed® has many more benefits both emotional and psychological. Even her teacher remarked to me that she was much more calm and happy.

BodyVed® has given her a solid foundation of strength and good health that she can build on for the rest of her life.”         

-   Janet Krumpe


“I was a slave to my emotions until I started the BodyVed Program. I felt my life had no direction and I was miserable and making everyone around me miserable, also. My health was suffering with severe acidosis, a frozen shoulder, and the beginnings of osteoarthritis. Depression and fatigue kept me locked in my house, not wanting to interact socially. 

Then I discovered BodyVed. I soon felt a renewed sense of well being and happiness that I hadn't experienced in years.

All my symptoms are gone and I now enjoy working a demanding full time job that includes public speaking -- something I never pictured the "old me" ever doing. My life has dramatically changed since beginning BodyVed and I highly recommend the program to anyone who would like a new lease on life."

-   Louisa Twohy


"What I notice is a continual sense of well-being and overall happiness. In fact, at this point in my life, I am feeling the most joy and success of my entire life, and I credit BodyVed®. I am almost 56 years old and people remark that I look like I am in my early 40's!"

-   Kevin Twohy


"I’m TOTALLY thankful that I have been working with BodyVed!

1. My right foot used to turn in and trip me when I walked; now my foot is straight and I have NO problems walking.

2. My hair used to be about 40% white and 60% brown; now it’s about 5% white and 95% brown. (I‘m 74 years old.)

3. The glaucoma specialist was excitedly surprised about 4 months ago when my eye pressure went down from 19 to 15 without extra medication.

From the above you can understand why I’m SOLD on BodyVed!"

-   Juliet Dodge

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