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Over the years, we have found that the most helpful and comprehensive model for understanding chronic disease comes from the principle of “miasm”. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, referred to these patterns of chronic disease as miasms meaning “ghost of an illness”. He used this term because he felt most chronic disease was inherited from parents, grandparents, and sometimes further back in our family history.

The miasms he identified were sycotic, syphilis, and psora. We have also identified four additional miasms. They are tuberculosis, cancer, polio, and yama.

These seven miasms are actually much deeper than an inherited trait. They reside in the most subtle of the three bodies, the consciousness body. This is why the miasms are so difficult to treat … they are beyond the reach of all traditional and natural health approaches.

Just as dark thunderclouds obscure the sun, the miasms obstruct the vital force, created by Atma, from reaching the energy and physical bodies. This causes the physical body to slowly weaken as we age. As the vital force becomes weaker, the disease causing qualities of the miasms gradually get stronger. This is the main reason why chronic disease tends to increase with age.

The BodyVed® program involves specific mental procedures which we perform during meditation on your behalf. These are very special and rare procedures known as “siddhis”. Discussed in great detail in Patanjali’s “Yoga Sutras” written many years ago, siddhis are the skillful command of Atma to achieve a remarkable goal, such as healing the body from chronic disease, aging, or injury.

The BodyVed® siddhis have the extraordinary ability to address chronic disease at its very core and reverse the destructive trend of both aging and disease. Once the siddhi is performed for you, it creates a tidal wave of nourishment and healing in your body. Results are felt almost immediately because, though seemingly subtle, this is an extremely powerful technology that is effective for all major chronic diseases.

Our three bodies and the seven miasms.

The siddhis purify the miasms at their source within the consciousness body. When this happens, the vital force begins to immediately flow much stronger to the energy body and then onto the physical body. This increase of flow of the vital force triggers the healing of chronic disease and aging. As a result of the healing, the body begins to feel lighter, stronger, and more energetic as it regains the ability to heal itself from years of stress, fatigue, and chronic disease.

The advantages of the program are:

    1. The BodyVed® siddhis address the very source of weakness and disease which is located within the consciousness body.

     2. Results are far more thorough and profound than taking herbs, supplements, homeopathy, acupuncture, or energy healing because these techniques, while useful, cannot reach the very subtle and transcendental nature of the consciousness body. The siddhis are structured within the consciousness body itself and are the only techniques that can purify this body.

     3. There are no diets, yoga positions, or meditations for you to master. We do all the work for you. You simply reap the benefits.

     4. There is no traveling to distant appointments. Even though you may live quite a distance from us, proximity is not an issue. The siddhis are just as effective whether you are near or far.

Over the years, thousands of people from all over the world have come to us with chronic health conditions ranging from cancer to hay fever. However, clients would frequently report that, in addition to their symptoms improving, their entire life would also improve as a result of the program. They reported more emotional strength, mental clarity, more energy, more enthusiasm, and more gusto for life. It's almost as if the person is gaining a new life.

The very basis of life is enriched and strengthened in the process. When this basis is enriched, just as fertilizer develops healthy stems and flowers, all areas of life improve. In fact, there is no area of life which is not impacted in some way by the beneficial effects of the BodyVed® program.


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