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The cancer miasm has two sides emotionally. On one side, you can feel low-spirited and hopeless. You feel like your conditions will never improve. This can sometimes trigger anxiety and fear especially regarding one's health. You can feel overwhelmed, irritable, a victim of circumstances, and overly serious. You can also be critical or sensitive to criticism.

On the other side, there is a sort of martyr or manic aspect, that is, you can find yourself taking care of everyone but yourself. You can suddenly feel a burst of energy and clean the house, cabinets, and yes, even the garage. Sometimes this part of the cancer miasm allows you no rest until you catch up on old business such as paperwork or mountains of chores that have accumulated for some time.

On the physical side, you may notice more tiredness, achiness, and headaches. Commonly, pains are more predominant with the cancer miasm, sometimes the body simply hurts more. This miasm has an affinity for the digestive tract so there may be stomach or elimination problems such as chronic constipation. The cancer miasm also has a special craving for ice cream and chocolate!

People with strong cancer miasms have "poverty consciousness". They worry about money as there is never enough of it. They seem to barely make it from one paycheck to the next. Other symptoms of the cancer miasm include:

All types of cancers  •  stroke

chronic fatigue syndrome  •  whooping cough

obesity  •  confusion  •  dullness

excessive sense of duty  •  sinus & allergy problems

swollen lymph glands  •  cysts & tumors

chronic cough

panic attacks  •  fear  •  low back pain  •  agoraphobia

low self-esteem  •  mononucleosis  •  headaches

heart palpitations •  insomnia

Find out where the Cancer miasm is located in the body

and how to remove it.


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