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Treating disease on the level of the physical body is only a partial approach to health. When you treat the physical body for chronic disease, you are treating only the final expression of imbalance. If you are not successful with resolving disease at its very core, symptoms will quite often return after treatment and even worsen as you age.

Chronic disease begins at a very subtle level. Most of us relate to only the physical body because we can see and feel it. However, we actually have three bodies. The root cause of disease resides in the most subtle of the three, the consciousness body. From here, obstacles to health are created. In time, they manifest as symptoms of chronic disease and aging. In the next few pages, we will explain where chronic disease originates and how the BodyVed® program works to heal and rejuvenate the body.

Our Physical Body contains all the tissues that we are familiar with such as nerve, bone, blood, muscle, and organs. There are over 15 trillion cells all working together to make us unique individuals.

Our Energy Body distributes our life force to all of our cells and tissues. This subtle energy is known as “prana” in Ayurveda, “chi” in Chinese medicine, and “vital force” in homeopathy. The energy from this body nourishes, heals, and protects the physical body from the ravages of disease and aging. It does this by strengthening the immune system and is considered to be the guardian of the physical body.

Our Consciousness Body is our most subtle body. It generates the vital force that is utilized and distributed by the energy body. It is described in many Vedic texts of India as the home of Atma or the “Higher Self” and the spiritual goal of meditation. In fact, Atma shines bright like the sun in the consciousness body constantly supplying fresh, newly created vital force to the energy and physical bodies. Since it is an infinite reservoir of life force, it is considered to be the Giver of Life. The ever streaming vital force from Atma is what sustains us throughout the duration of our life. It is the ultimate source of “Amrita” … health, vitality, and strength. However, as we age, the accumulating impurities within the consciousness body obstruct the flow of the abundant vital force the body requires to sustain good health … the result is the gradual increase of chronic disease and aging.

Our three bodies ... physical, energy, and consciousness.


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