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Subtle and powerful, Tamas Guna is a cohesive law of nature that is the very glue of the universe. In fact, all the elements that form the immense diversity of matter, arise from Tamas Guna. It’s essence creates the structure, firmness, and stability that compose all physical and living forms. Even the bones and various tissues of our body have substance and material existence because of Tamas Guna.  

Just the right amount of it, in balance, allows life to prosper and flourish. If it becomes excessive, the opposite occurs ... decay results. For example, Tamas Guna is more balanced in earlier stages of life supporting youth and vitality. However, it will accumulate with time giving rise to the deteriorating and debilitating conditions of aging and disease.

Another quality of Tamas Guna that impacts human life is its ability to obscure and obstruct. This can occur in any area of our life ... health, finances, happiness, and spiritual development.


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This explains why we observe that some people may be very healthy yet financially impoverished. Others may have great health, good finances, but they can’t find happiness or spiritual direction.

The Tamas Guna responsible for the obstruction of wealth is referred to as “Alakshmi”. This guna is the very basis of poverty, financial struggles, and all types of obstacles and delays in the area of money.

The Tamas Guna responsible for the obstruction of health and happiness is called “Yama”. It disallows our precious vital force from reaching all areas of our physiology. This causes chronic disease, mental and emotional problems in addition to aging. (See Yama Miasm)

Finally, the Tamas Guna responsible for obstruction and obscuration of Enlightenment is “Anava-Mala”. It accumulates around the Self and obscures our ability to perceive our infinite nature. It gathers around the Self in multiple layers creating what is known as Ahamkara or Ego. It obscures pure consciousness so effectively that many people are not even aware they possess an inner life that is truly unbounded and cosmic in nature. Others, who are desirous of experiencing their full potential, cannot seem to locate it or experience its magnificent grandeur.

The BodyVed® Siddhis, which we perform on your behalf, are very potent purifiers of Tamas Guna. They neutralize Tamas Guna’s ability to obstruct by dissolving its binding mechanism called “tirodhana”. When tirodhana is released, the excess guna is easily purified giving rise to a sense of inner freedom and expanse. The qualities of the Self that were hidden for so long, automatically become more lively creating success in each of these areas of life. 

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