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“When Silence is established,

the Siddhis come to the forefront.”

- Shiva Agamas

As BodyVed® continued to develop, I began to notice movements and shifts within my awareness. This was very similar to experiencing a quiet, still ocean that suddenly creates a sizable wave. I noticed that each time I had a thought or desire, I would also notice this underlying movement. “What is this?” I kept asking myself. Over time, this phenomenon became more pronounced and more frequent.

I knew I would have to begin a crash educational program to understand the basis of this movement within my awareness. I was very at home with Vedic literature so Sherri began ordering blocks of Vedic texts from India. Soon boxes arrived that contained hard bound copies of the Puranas, Agamas, Ajitas, the Harivamsas, the long versions of all the classics, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. Before long, I had quite an impressive Vedic library.


During the following year, I read most of these texts. Some volumes I read three times. I had an insatiable hunger for knowledge as the pace quickened. I ran across the story of Bharadwaja who also had a tremendous desire for understanding and who read all the Vedas. So great was his desire for knowledge that his friends discouraged his reading because it was consuming his meditation and spiritual development time.

The good news is that I did discover the nature of the movements within my awareness. It was caused by the development of “Siddhi”. The Siddhis are powerful and dynamic movements of Atma or pure consciousness to achieve extraordinary goals. They range from achieving perfect health, youthfulness, levitation, walking through walls, and even knowing the past, present, and future.

Also to my surprise, I discovered the proper method to hasten the development of the Siddhis. This aspect is so critically important because the Siddhis hold the key to the unfoldment of the higher states of Enlightenment. Their role is to stretch and expand the awareness until any remaining boundaries le
ft are dissolved. To achieve this, the comprehensive nature of one’s awareness must be established first. Only after Enlightenment do these movements of Siddhi begin. Once this movement initiates, amazing things begin to happen.

Imagine a helicopter on the pad ready for take off. The blades slowly turn developing momentum until they have enough speed to lift the helicopter. The ultimate secret to this process of lift is the fuel. The fuel is quiet and non-engaged yet essential. However, when the helicopter lifts, it takes the fuel with it to fly away at great distances and at great speed.

Just like this, the secret to success with Siddhi is in the establishment of infinite awareness. Once that is there, Siddhi is born. It then integrates the Atma within itself so that it is free to “take off” and achieve.

The Siddhi which achieves perfect health contains both the fuel, Atma, and the potency, Agni, to achieve the transformation of health. If you receive a health Siddhi procedure, it is though you possess the Siddhi and the required awareness yourself. The results are the same as if you were also Enlightened and performed this procedure for yourself. Either way, it is incredibly evolutionary. 

There is a beautiful story in the Puranas about a young king. He would simply touch someone and they too would become young. This is exactly how Siddhi operates. The king’s awareness was Established giving the youthful Siddhi the required potency to create in someone else the same youthfulness he achieved for himself.

There is an old saying found in the texts of the Tamil Siddhas ... if you cannot perform Siddhis, find someone who can. Have them perform them on your behalf ... your goals will then be achieved.   

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