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Just as Agni brings health and vitality to the mind and body, its opposite value, Tamas Guna, brings disease and aging. The balance between these two powerful forces of nature is played out within our own body. When we are young and vibrant, Agni enjoys the upper hand. As we get older, Tamas Guna gains strength. As Tamas Guna expresses itself more and more in the body, it takes the form of various chronic diseases and aging.

Over the years, we have found the most helpful and comprehensive model for understanding chronic disease comes from the principle of “miasm”. Developed over 200 years ago, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy, referred to these patterns of chronic conditions as miasms meaning “ghost of an illness”. He used this term because he felt most chronic conditions were inherited from our parents, grandparents, and sometimes even further back in our family history.

He published his findings in the Organon of Medicine in 1810. Hahnemann discovered three miasms ... syphilis, gonorrhea (sycotic), and psora. Psora means "itch". Many skin and heart problems are related to this miasm.


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Syphilis and gonorrhea are well known venereal diseases which produce a host of mental, emotional, and physical problems. We have also identified four additional miasms. They are tuberculosis, cancer, polio, and yama.

Miasms tend to linger through the family line regardless of the medical or herbal treatments. For example, if one of your ancestors had TB, they were treated with the medicine of choice for their time. This treated the TB but the miasm remained and was passed on to their children. One or more of the children and grandchildren may have then experienced some or all of the symptoms of the TB miasm as they grew older, such as, early arthritis, depression, anxiety, exhaustion, and craving for alcohol. The miasm's ability to be passed on to the next generation is why entire families have hereditary predispositions to various physical and emotional disorders.

Miasms do not normally produce the same, identical conditions of the original disease when it was acquired by our ancestor. However, each miasm has an unmistakable influence on the health and vitality of your mind and body as it tends to drain and deplete the vital force over time. As Hahnemann concluded, they can warp the body's vital force in such a profound way as to create the most debilitating conditions of schizophrenia or rheumatoid arthritis to the mildest hay fever and headaches.

There are seven miasms. They are cancer, syphilis, sycotic, TB, polio, psora, and yama. Fortunately, these influences are purified with the BodyVed® program. In fact, removing these miasms from the physiology creates a very powerful and strengthening influence on your mind and body allowing you to enjoy greater happiness, health, and energy.

In the following pages of our website, we discuss the various symptoms contained within each miasm. We hope you will find this section helpful in determining your miasm type.

“And this disease of which I speak, this syphilis, will pass away and die out, but later it will be born again and be seen again by our descendants just as in bygone ages we must believe it was observed by our ancestors.”

- Girolamo Fracastoro, Physician (1484-1553)

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