The BodyVed® Program


For many years, people have asked us to develop a program that would help them accelerate their spiritual progress. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our Consciousness Development program. 

The goal of this advanced program is to develop the experience of Enlightenment as rapidly as possible. There are five phases to this unique approach ...

Gaining Perfect Health

Achieving health is a central theme to both Vedic and Agamic literature. By establishing perfect health, as eloquently stated in the 7th mandala of Rik Veda, one is granted the time and luxury to pursue Enlightenment. This is the first step on our path to Consciousness Development and it is accomplished with the BodyVed® Health program. It is important to have complete health of body and mind to allow the proper unfoldment of the Self. The greater the degree of strength and vitality of the body, the more comfortable the path for developing Enlightenment. Completing this phase is a prerequisite before moving on to the next step.


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Success With Meditation

“Being in the state of meditation for 8,000 years,

it is still not possible to experience the nectar of pure consciousness

without lifting the veil of tamas guna.”

- Tirumantiram

This is a two step process to help the mind successfully locate and “discern” Atma. First, you will learn a special technique that cultures familiarity with the transcendental nature of Atma. This meditation is unique to BodyVed® and uses a potent “beacon” of pure consciousness that systematically leads the mind to its goal.

Secondly, we perform special procedures for you to purify the mind of Tamas Guna. There are five divisions of Tamas Guna within the mind that obstruct it from experiencing the deepest, most rewarding, and more importantly, the transformational level of the Transcendence. This final level of the Transcendence is the fertile ground from which cosmic awareness begins to sprout.

Dissolving the Ego

This phase is the most critical and pivotal phase of the entire Enlightenment process ... the final dissolution of Ego. The process is referred to as “Sanmarga” in Agamic texts which means “no exit door”. In other words, once Ego has dissolved, there is no chance of turning back to ignorance and boundaries. Life is seen and experienced in a completely different light. The pace of evolution suddenly and dramatically quickens without the taxation and burden of the Ego.

In much of our discussion on the website, we have emphasized Tamas Guna, however, once the five divisions of Tamas are removed within the mind, Rajas Guna reveals itself here to hold the last vestiges of the Ego together. During this stage, you will be receiving weekly Siddhi procedures that purify the Rajas Guna responsible for keeping the Ego intact. A nudge from the procedures is all it takes for the castle of ignorance to begin to collapse.

Developing Cosmic Consciousness

“Her indignation softening (tirodhana),

is the shore of liberation.”

- Tirumular

After the Ego has been dissolved, the experience of the Self may not yet be full and unbounded. In fact, this stage is often called “the void”, particularly in Buddhist texts, because of its lack of inner charm.

This state is caused by the obscuring nature of Anava-Mala yet to be purified. In this phase, we perform for you the BodyVed® Siddhis known as “Arul”. They have the ability to purify the Tamas Guna of Anava-Mala which surrounds the Self and obscures its realization. Arul is the potency that releases tirodhana, the binding mechanism of Tamas Guna, so that the dark, obscuring quality of Tamas is cleared away. Arul is symbolized in Vedic literature as a trident because of its ability to destroy the boundaries of ignorance.

As Cosmic Consciousness begins to dawn, the desire for Siddhis and the nectar of bliss becomes very strong. This yearning gives rise to the next stage as the Self becomes more mature.

Awakening the Fires of the Self

As the Anava-Mala is peeled away, something very magical occurs. Three very dynamic powers or “fires” of the Self begin to awaken. They are Siddhi, Consciousness, and Knowledge ... also referred to in Vedic texts as the Sun, Moon, and Agni. Their role is to accelerate the internal purification process so that the Self can shine in its full resplendence.

When the fires of the Self begin to awaken, you will be given another advanced BodyVed® technique to practice on your own. This technique will profoundly aid in the jumpstarting of these three forces. For example, when you wish to start your car, you insert the key. This ignites three critical elements of the engine … fuel, fire, and air. Once the engine is engaged, it's motion is quite powerful.

Likewise, when these fires get ignited, they begin to rotate and circumambulate around the Self. They "churn" the impurities away in the same way you would churn milk to produce butter. As impurities are burned off, the Self gets brighter and brighter giving even more momentum to this intense process. The churning of the Self is also symbolized in Vedic literature as the churning of the ocean of milk to produce the nectar of immortality.

“Never stop seeking. Become an impeccable warrior. Harness the bull of knowledge and never let go. If the knowledge is pure, he will thrash you and take you to the point of no return. Your body will shake and tremble. Ultimately, he will destroy you (ego). In time, You will become renewed wearing the finest ornaments made of the Self ... courage, strength, infinity, and power.”

- Neil McCorkle