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Reversing the effects of disease and aging is a universal desire rarely accomplished by man. Yet, ancient literature abounds with stories of saints and sages who were perfectly healthy and perpetually youthful.

Bharadwaja, the founder of Ayurveda, was such a man. Tirumular, a revered Indian saint and poet, was believed to have lived for eons. Patanjali, the author of the

Yoga Sutras, describes in detail the method for

obtaining youthfulness.

The common thread shared by these great Seers was ...

  1. They were Enlightened and enjoyed higher states of consciousness.

  1. They performed mental techniques called “Siddhis”

   to accomplish their desires.

  1. They shared their gifts with others.

The BodyVed® program is a modern story that meets the above criteria and follows in the footsteps of the

ancient Rishis.

Won’t you join us?

Neil McCorkle

Sherri Raymos

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