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Years of teaching meditation and traveling the world for advanced Vedic studies would not prepare me adequately for the change in my life that was to occur in the spring of 1991.

As a teacher of meditation, it was my understanding that as consciousness grows and expands, it naturally brings more happiness, fulfillment, and richness to one’s life. That was my experience for many years.

In May of 1991, I suddenly began to experience profound silence in activity. It was a wonderful experience but very unusual for me. Normally, I experienced some degree of silence only while meditating.

During meditation, I started to feel tugs and pulls ... a kind of “stretching” of my individual awareness. This sensation grew each day until it became intense. It felt as though the awareness would be ripped apart. Finally, after a few weeks of turmoil and intensity, the dust began to settle.


by Neil McCorkle

Surprisingly, I noticed that my awareness was much “bigger” and more expanded. In fact, it didn’t seem to have any boundaries at all. It was everywhere.

One afternoon I was trying to assess how I felt about a situation. As I looked inside, I felt panic creeping up ... I could not locate my “I”. The “Neil” that I knew so well, was no longer present. In searching again, I could not locate the author of my thoughts, the doer of my actions, or the experiencer of my emotions.  All I could find was vast awareness inside.

As soon as my intellect realized that “no one was home”, my emotions went wild. I began to experience waves of terror. I had lost an extremely critical reference point, the ego.

I didn’t realize the ego was the commander-in-chief until it was gone. It served as a very powerful anchor for my mind. All of my experiences were referenced by its proclivity to contract and bring the unboundedness of my real nature down to a tiny, single point of “I”. In essence, it hid the infinite expanse just on the other side of its door.

Thinking that something was wrong with my health, I visited clinics and doctors everywhere. They could find nothing unusual. For the next seven years I tried meds, herbs, and homeopathic remedies, yet nothing took the edge off the unrest inside.

One afternoon in 1998, Sherri called to say she would be late getting home. She wanted to drop by the bookstore. Within a few minutes, the phone rang again.

This time it was from a lady with the Vedanta Society who had just heard of my experience from Sherri’s professor. She introduced herself and as we talked, she began to ask me questions about my experiences.

“Neil, are you the witness of action?”

“Yes”, I said surprised.

“Are you the non-doer? Is your awareness removed and silent?”

Again, I had to answer, “Yes”.

By hearing the questions, it set off a jubilant explosion of recognition. These were the questions I needed to hear. She simply reminded me of the nature of my Self, that infinite, cosmic awareness that I was experiencing irrespective of how difficult the shattering of individual boundaries had been.

Certainly experiencing the Self and establishing that silent and powerful expanse is a grand goal of human life. However, if one’s understanding is grounded in misconception, as mine was at the time, that the growth to Cosmic Consciousness is a passive yet expansive development of awareness, then one will be quite ill-prepared for the incredible dynamism that will occur.

The Nature of Ego

The shattering of the illusion of my individual boundaries to gain the Infinite meant the dissolution of the very ground on which my belief systems, concepts, God, the mind, and even my identity was planted. I looked the same, ate in the same way, used the same name, and lived life in a normal way. However, my very basis was permanently redefined.

Looking back, I realized that personal identity was like a deep mental delusion. On one hand, it provided stability and firmness of daily experience. On the other hand, it constantly provided false information about who I really was. However, it’s nature was less substantial than even a feather. It was blown away by the wind of pure consciousness without much effort leaving behind a new yet more expanded framework of experience.

That which remained was firm and steadfast. It was infinity, expanse, silence … total awareness. However, my body was not fond of being anchored by infinity.

The Beginning of BodyVed®

As time passed, I kept having the desire over and over again to know the body ... to understand its interior, its very constitution, and more importantly, its relationship to the Self. As I had these desires, the awareness would “light up” and the body would begin to purify. This lighting up was the enlivenment of Agni which shines within the awareness. The purification was the elimination of

Tamas Guna, the obstructive and obscuring impurity of awareness that keeps consciousness restricted and bound.

Each desire bro
ught a deeper purification until one day, during meditation, I had the desire to know how to correct imbalances in the physiology. Suddenly, the BodyVed® procedures sprang in my awareness like a flowing river with crystal clear detail.

The dark nooks and crannies of the subtle physiology suddenly became luminescent, revealing how consciousness orchestrated the development and sustenance of the entire body.

The Early Days

I quickly began performing the new mental procedures for Sherri and myself. We soon felt their profound impact as the process dissolved layers of impurities deep within our physiology.

Though our intentions at the time were to enjoy the procedures for our personal use, our friends and family had other ideas. Within two months, I found myself providing procedures for 150 people here in the U.S.

Since then, we have worked with thousands of people all over the world in Canada, Mexico, Holland, Finland, Germany, South Africa, India, Australia, and Costa Rica.

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