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If the canvas of human experience is consciousness, the first brush stroke would be Agni. When Agni springs forth from the dark, silent field of consciousness, it illuminates. In fact, Agni illumines the entire universe. It ignites the brilliance of stars and galaxies. That same enormous potency of Agni is contained in every human physiology, within every cell.

Agni is the dynamic power that runs our cellular engine. It is responsible for the heat of our body, the metabolism of our food, and the clarity of our mind.

As we begin to age, Agni weakens. Without this precious vital force, chemical processes in the body slow down. Because there is less Agni to sustain the body, the skin becomes dry and wrinkled, the bones become brittle, our hair turns gray, chronic disease increases, and our energy diminishes. Without the ability to replenish this basic element in our body, we face the inevitable prospect of gradual decline as the years unfold.

Fortunately, Agni has a very intimate relationship with consciousness. In fact, its affinity is more with consciousness than with matter.


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It ebbs and flows through the fabric of awareness. Yet at the same time, it is the very essence of growth, expansion, and renewal.

The ancient Rishis of India understood this relationship and utilized consciousness technology known as "Siddhi" to transform their health. They found that Agni was much too subtle to be managed by food, herbs, and elixirs. However, it did respond very dynamically to consciousness technology because this was Agni's home. The result of their discovery was the achievement of robust health, abundant energy, and long life.

Very fortunately, we have rediscovered this lost knowledge of the Rishis. The BodyVed® program utilizes very effective consciousness technologies, or Siddhis, which we perform on your behalf, to restore your physiology.

The BodyVed® program addresses the root cause of Agni’s weakness, the inertia of Tamas Guna. Just as oil kindles a flame, the BodyVed® procedures strengthen Agni and purify the obstructive nature of Tamas Guna.  As this occurs, your body begins to function properly again melting away years of fatigue, stress, and impurities that cause chronic disease and aging.

When Agni is at its peak, the skin is smooth, the hair is colorful, the bones are strong, and the eyesight is clear. There are no chronic diseases and the emotions are balanced, expressing happiness, contentment, enthusiasm, confidence, and courage.

We invite you to join us for this rare and precious opportunity to enjoy a happy and healthy life. 

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